12 MW Solar PV Project

SunAlta Power has entered into a JV partnership with Irricana Power Generation to develop a 12 MW distribution-connected Solar PV generating facility approximately 14 KMs southeast of the Town of Bassano.  When fully operational this project would supply the Alberta electrical grid with approximately 17.6 GWh of renewable electricity every year.


Project Information

Project Location

The project is located in the NE 17-20-17 W4M and will occupy approximately 97 acres near the intersection of Township Road 174 and Range Road 203, east of the Eastern Irrigation District canal.

Proposed Site/Facility Layout

The project has been designed to optimize the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) within the limitations of the project site and local electrical distribution infrastructure.  The preliminary design uses 30,680 solar PV module & 74 inverters.


Estimated Project Timeline

1. Participant Involvement Program Open House

November 2019

Open house for surrounding land owners and community members to learn more about the project and ask questions.

2. Submission of Development Permit

December 2019

Initial submission of development permit to Newell County (Permit submission to be updated in May 2020 with environment impact study).

3. Alberta Environment & Parks Submission

February 2020

Submission of the completed Environmental Impact Evaluation to Alberta Environment and Parks for comment and issuance of certificate.

4. Submisison of Rule 7 Application - Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC)

May 2020

Submission of Rule 7 application to the AUC for approval to construct and operate an electrical generating facility connected to the local electrical distribution system.

5. Development Permit Approval Meeting - Newell County

September 2020

Newell County meeting/hearing to approve the development of the proposed project at the identified location.

6. AUC Public Hearing (If Required)

August 2020

If determined by the AUC that a public hearing is required, it will coordinate and convene a public hearing to seek input on the project before making a decision on approval.

7. Development Permit Approval

September 2020

Development permit issued by Newell County.

8. AUC Approval

Aug/Sept 2020

AUC approval of distribution-connected electrical generating facility.

9. Begin Contruction/Site Work

Sept/Oct 2020

Construction of the solar PV generating facility will begin with site work and preparation, which will be followed by:

  • installation of piling and racking (Sept - Dec 2020)

  • installation of solar PV modules and inverters (Jan - Apr 2021)

  • installation of balance of plant components (May - July 2021)

  • system testing and commissioning (July - Aug 2021)

10. System Energization & In-service Date

September 2021

Upon commissioning the solar PV system will be connected to the Alberta electrical grid and energized to meet the AESO in-service date.

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