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Powering Communities & Businesses

Specializing in the development of energy projects that support the financial, economic and environmental aspirations of communities and businesses


What We Do

Distribution-Connected Projects

Our team identifies opportunities to connected solar PV projects of all sizes to existing distribution infrastructure, ensuring that power is generated close to system loads and that ratepayers are less reliant on expensive transmission infrastructure in the future.  Distribution-connected generation (DG) project opportunities can be easily scaled to site/project specific parameters and offer flexible investment and operating models that can generate economic benefits for businesses and community groups.

Virtual Energy Projects


Our approach to decentralized energy generation results in a dispersed collection of solar PV and energy storage facilities that can be aggregated and operated as a single power plant within the utility system.  IOT and blockhchain technologies enable aggregation of energy assets that provides for greater utility system flexibility, reliability/resilience, and a cost effective platform for business models that allow for broader participation in electricity and power markets.

Consulting Services


Our team of technical and commercial experts can provide the necessary advice needed to move forward your solar PV project.  To effectively assess project potential and deliver on your project goals it is important that you have an integrated approach to understanding all regulatory, market, commercial and technical aspects of a project.

Behind-the-meter Projects


Onsite behind-the-meter solar PV projects offer the opportunity for businesses and community groups to reduce and stabilize their utility costs.  Electricity produced onsite and consumed behind-the-meter not only creates a long-term hedge against future electricity price increases, it also allows consumers to save a portion of their expensive utility bill fees, including transmission, distribution and other fees/charges. 

Energy Storage Projects


Energy storage technologies are deployed by our team to provide greater economic performance of our solar PV projects.  When integrated, for the purposes of either peak-shaving or energy price arbitrage in the market, project participants see significant improvement to their bottom lines. Appropriate sized and cost effective energy storage technologies are a game changer for solar PV projects.

Sunset on Solar Panels


SunAlta Power was established in 2018, by Aenergy Capital (AEC) and BTM Energy Partners (BTM) in response to an emerging need in the Alberta renewable energy market to create a platform that integrates the commercial and technical expertise required to successfully identify, develop and implement commercial and community opportunities for small-to-medium sized decentralized solar PV projects, either as behind-the-meter microgeneration-connected or distribution-connected projects .  The objective of SunAlta Power is to establish and facilitate the development of partnerships that allow for Alberta businesses and communities to become active participants in these opportunities, and to develop low cost and innovative strategies for partnership development, project financing, and project delivery that can be easily replicated and ensure that medium sized projects are economically viable.


Our Purpose:  To create an innovative and integrated platform that enables active participation of communities and businesses in the transition to a decentralized low-carbon utility system.


Our Mission: SunAlta Power is focused on facilitating economically viable renewable energy projects through the integration of:

  • Technical and commercial expertise in solar PV energy project development;

  • Innovative financing models and aggregation of a portfolio of small-to-medium sized generating assets;

  • Low cost supply chains and project construction strategies that can be replicated;

  • Technology enablers that improve project performance; and

  • Strategic partnerships and platforms that facilitate the active participation of communities, businesses and citizens in a decentralized low-carbon utility system.

Our Vision:  Establish a network of high performing decentralized renewable energy generation assets that deliver economic benefits through effective partnerships and contribute to a low carbon future.



Jim Goldmann

Jim has over four decades of experience within the energy/utility and banking sectors and in developing and financing energy infrastructure projects ($2B+).  This includes developing and operating utility infrastructure (pipelines and power plants), renewable/alternative energy projects, project financing and public financing.

Jim's extensive experience includes:

  • Cofounder and EVP - Epoch Energy Development (a geothermal development)

  • Cofounder and CEO - Aenergy Capital Inc.

  • VP and Chief Development Officer - Alliance Pipeline and NRGreen Power

  • VP Operations - Ontario Hydro Energy (Union Energy/EPCOR/Westcoast Energy)

  • VP Finance - Westcoast Capital Corporation/WestCap Trust (Reliance Home Comfort)

  • Manager Power - Westcoast Energy Australia

  • Manager Development - Power International (Duke Energy)

  • VP Natural Resources - First Interstate Bank (Wells Fargo)

  • AVP Corporate - Lloyds Bank

Jim has a B.A. in economics and training from the Graduate School of Credit and Finance at Stanford University.

Kyle Fawcett, MBA

Kyle is a thought-leader in energy/environmental policy and economics with over 15-years experience in utility, energy market, and environmental regulation. He was employed as the Vice President of Market, Business and Project Development at the Vital Group of Companies where he led a team of engineers, technologists, and project analysts in the completion of several solar PV feasibility studies and the implementation of commercial/community solar PV projects.  As a consultant Kyle has had extensive involvement in many energy and environmental studies/projects for organizations such as the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA), Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA).  He the founding Principal of BTM Energy Partners, which co-founded SunAlta Power. 


Kyle is a former elected Member of the Alberta Legislature (MLA) and provincial Cabinet Minister.  During his time as an MLA and member of Cabinet he served on the energy and environmental working group and held the following positions:

  • Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

  • Minister of Jobs, Skills, Training & Labour

  • Associate Minister of Finance / Vice-Chair of Treasury Board


Kyle has an MBA from the University of Alberta and a BA in Political Science & Applied Energy Economics from the University of Calgary.  Additional course work includes completion of a course in solar PV project development and financing and an Energy Policy Planning Certificate.

Jacob Goldmann
Partnerships & Relationship Manager

Jacob is a Relationship Manager responsible for building and managing client relationships, identifying, and initiating projects and coordinating all stakeholders and partners.  Jacob has a broad range of experience working with clients that include commercial, educational, institutional markets to deliver innovative approaches to clean energy solutions and services.  Jacob's experience and training allow him to guide project formation and implementation, including the realization of granting opportunities.  Jacob's experience enhances the depth of expertise at SunAlta Power as he has been involved in managing stakeholder across a wide range of projects, including:

  • Development/Execution of Green Schools Program (with projects across 150+ Alberta locations)

  • Development of Roof Top Solar PV Program (Calgary Catholic School Division)

  • Westend Solar PV Project Partnership Development & Feasibility Study (Town of Black Diamond)

  • Sustainable Solar & Lighting Pilot Project Feasibility (Primaris REIT, Medicine Hat Mall)

  • Development of Geothermal Project (Hinton, Alberta)

  • Establishment of Building Renewal and Energy Savings Program (various Locations in Alberta)


Jacob has completed coursework through the Association of Energy Engineers to become an Energy Manager In Training (EMIT) and has secured over $10 million of grants from various levels of governments and granting agencies to support sustainable energy projects.

Ras Takac, M.Sc.E., P. Eng.
Engineering & Construction Manager

Ras has a Masters of Science in Engineering, a certificate in Construction Project Management, and is a licenced professional with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) and Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO).  In addition to these professional qualifications, Ras has 15-years of experience in renewable energy construction, operations, and maintenance.  This includes experience in managing the design and construction phases of approximately 20MW of installed solar PV capacity totaling close to $36 million in investment.  His expertise in renewable energy also extends to wind energy generation, having worked in engineering, maintenance and site operations across several hundred MWs of installed wind generation capacity.  Ras’s experience in renewable energy includes employment in the following positions:


  • Project Manager, Distributed Generation – Enmax Energy

  • Director of Engineering – Grace Energy

  • Manager, Maintenance Engineer – Enmax Energy

  • Renewable Energy Maintenance Engineer – Enmax Energy

  • Site Manager - Vestas Canadian Wind Technology

Ras has also helped develop renewable energy related courses for Lethbridge College and served as an instructor for wind energy technology courses.  Ras is SunAlta Power’s Director of Engineering & Construction Management. 

Jim Goldmann Jr., MBA, J.D.
Corporate Advisor

Jim Jr. is a founding Director and has over 15-years of professional experience in development, audit, FP&A, consulting and law.  This includes expertise in providing sustainable energy market/project development, corporate/project financial/risk analysis, advanced econometrics, and financial statement analysis. Jim has served as a general practice attorney with background in litigation, in addition to advising clients on contracts, business formations, and tax planning.  Jim Jr.’s wealth of experience includes:

  • Director Finance & General Council - SunAlta Power Inc.

  • General Council - Aenergy Capital Inc.

  • Principal - Goldmann Law LLP

  • Associate Attorney – Mimura Law Officers

  • Staff Accountant – Deloitte & Touche LLP

  • Staff Accountant - Aronson Co.

  • Associate Accountant - Schneck LLP

  • Reconciliations Specialist – Union Energy Inc.

He has both a Juris Doctorate (Law) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA), as well as Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Economics & Political Science.


416 - 48 Ave. SW, Calgary, AB, T2E 1E2

Tel:  403-617-8969

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